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Sea to Sky Summit in Squamish, BC  [photo: marenolivia]

Shannon Falls on the Sea to Sky Summit in Squamish BC [photo: marenolivia]

Hiking: Sea to Sky Summit {Squamish, BC}   [photo: marenolivia]

Willband Park   [photo: marenolivia]

dawn   [photo: marenolivia]

[photo: marenolivia]

Decided to start up a public Instagram account to share all my adventures on the go! I’m looking for photography accounts to follow so you have one or have any recommendations make sure to leave me a comment or give me a follow and I’m creeping everyone who follows my new account ;)

puss in boots   [photo: marenolivia]

oak bay marina   [photo: marenolivia]

made a friend   [photo: marenolivia]

[photo: marenolivia]

row, row, row your boat  [photo: marenolivia]

I wanna see your peacock   [photo: marenolivia]

[photo: marenolivia]

Skies the Limit   [photo by: marenolivia]